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Talking About EV Range

Despite continuous technological improvements, electric vehicle range remains a top customer concern.

How should EV promotion organizations talk to their customers about range, alleviating concerns but yet setting realistic expectations?

The first step is to communicate the capabilities of the better vehicles on the market. For instance, you could incorporate free leader board widgets on your website, such as:

This particular leader board focuses customer attention to the top EVs, and away from the lower range compliance models.

For consumers who need help putting range numbers in context, shopping assistants that incorporate customer driving and charging patterns are useful: see what Forth Mobility, the Sierra Club and ZappyRide have to offer.

The second step is to communicate about available charging infrastructure, and plans to add additional charging stations – an occasion for utilities to claim the credit they deserve.

Finally, do not neglect plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). They eliminate range concerns while offering potentially high electrification benefits if charged daily in a commute-centered use case. Customers are often under-informed on PHEVs, as all-electric vehicles usually get more attention.